“The Spanish classes were very good. I learned a lot. I remember my host family very well. Mercedes Ferrera’s family gave me a lot of affection and the food is unforgettable.

I was only there for a week but the experience was truly excellent.”

Mark Fisher

“Despite all I have learned over the last few weeks I am writing now in English to express myself better (apologies but in future I’m sure I will be able to in spanish also).

Thank you for an unforgettable two weeks, it truly was an immersion in Argentinian culture and an excellent exercise in practical spanish

I hope that the last few weeks are just the start of future success for your spanish school, it is truly a unique experience and one I am very grateful to have been able to be a part of.”

Benjamin Meyer
(Boston, United States)

“As time passed: I arrived in Lincoln two months ago and I felt like an American. Now, I am still an American but a bit more of a Linqueño, thanks to my Argentine Family: Nancy, Valentina, and, of course, Panchita. Nancy taught me a lot of Spanish, more than I had planned to learn. She showed me patience when I wanted to learn every word (How do you spell it?). You have shown me your beautiful culture, but most importantly, friendship, the happiness that I will never forget, happiness that will carry me far, even when facing challenges.

Friendship is very difficult: when you make friends, one day you have to say “see you later” to them, but it’s only a “see you later.” Teaching in English Town has been a great pleasure and has given me memories for a lifetime. The students are so cool, they study a lot and improve so much, endless mate, asado, and much more.

You share a big part of my heart. Forever.”

(Texas, United States)

“From the moment Mark and I arrived, we were welcomed and greeted with smiles and hugs. We had constant care and encouragement from Nancy and our host families as well as the people of Lincoln.

The week was truly transformative for my Spanish understanding and confidence. Although I was initially a little overwhelmed with the amount of Spanish spoken, it has been the absolute best way to learn and make such an impactful difference in just one week.

I wish I had more time to stay longer as the overall experience was truly one of a kind.

Nancy is a professor by trade and the best “unofficial” tour guide I’ve ever had. We had such unique experiences visiting an Estancia, cerveceria, queseria, and horseback riding and really getting to know the processes hands on while having relaxed conversations with the people who worked and ran these businesses.

The unique cultural experiences I was able to be a part of and the people and conversations I had was really touching. Attending traditional asados, taking tango classes and drinking mate are just a few of the fond memories I have of my stay. Aside from all of the extracurricular activities I participated in, I really, really enjoyed the Spanish classes.

Nancy was able to focus on Mark and my strengths with Spanish to help build confidence while improving our knowledge base.

My favorite part of Pampa Spanish School is the learning techniques she uses. We often broke up the repetition with different games and exercises that kept me interested and focused which I have not experienced at other Spanish schools. It makes the learning fun and the classes feel like they fly by.

If you are  wondering if you should visit Pampa Spanish School and get the full experience, I would highly encourage you to just DO IT! My time in Lincoln was a 5 star experience!”

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