The Social & Rural Activities

At Pampa Spanish we offer you the possibility of getting closer to our countryside lifestyle by participating in the local productive activity. You will be able to visit several of our local producers and volunteering in their daily activities.

Among the visits that Pampa Spanish offers, we can mention the following ones

DAIRY FARM: you can help bring the cows into the dairy to be milked.
CHEESE FACTORY, you can participate in the assembly process of each cheese mold
BEER FACTORY, you can participate in the kitchen of the ferments
ALFAJORES FACTORY, you can participate in the cooking of the fillings of each alfajor
HONEY PRODUCTION, you can help in the labeling of honey containers
FACTORY OF GRAIN DRYING MACHINES you can monitor the process of each machine

POLO HORSE BREEDING RANCHES you can see the process of artificial insemination
CATTLE BREEDING RANCHES you can take a ride around cows and calves help feed them
ARTISANS OF CARNIVAL, you can help paste paper on paper to obtain a carnival mask
CARNIVAL DANCE BODIES, you can dance to the music and choreography of our carnival
AGRICULTURAL RANCHES, you can get on a tractor to help sow or harvest our crops.

All mentioned activities will be carried out together with farm or ranch workers and in a way our participation does not interfere in the normal process of production and with the acceptance of each student. If you do not feel like getting involved in any activities you can just watch. However, we encourage you to do it. It is a lot of fun and you will learn a lot from our local production.

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