Lincoln Carnival

The Carnivals constitute the most traditional holiday of Lincoln, exhibiting like major attraction the parade of handmade chariots, masks, minichariots and the “bigheaded” famous persons, join the coloring spectacle captivating the attention of the public with its workmanship and originality. Walk-ons, bands of street musicians, batucadas, samba schools cheer the spectators every night.

National capital of the Handmade Carnival, Lincoln surprises every year with spectacular nights to pure art, dance and dazzle.

The "Asado"

Asado is a technique for cooking cuts of meat (usually beef) as well as sausages and offal on a barbecue. The meat is cooked without any embellishments, just very slowly over coals, until it melts in your mouth and cuts like butter.

The Argentine Barbecue or “Asado” is more than just a meal: it is an important part of Argentine social life. Considered the default means of celebrating birthdays, special events, and holidays, or simply just an excuse to gather with family for Sunday lunch or get together with friends on Saturday night, asados tend to be long, drawn-out affairs with copious amounts of food, drink and conversation. If you’re invited to an Argentine asado, prepare yourself for a non-stop parade of various cuts of meat, offal and sausages.

Dulce de Leche - Milk Jam

The milk jam has an aspect of creamy, doughy, smooth consistency and untable. It is made by cooking milk and sugar, on slow fire until it gets a typical and uniform oversweet chestnut color, with thick consistency of sweet and milk flavor.

The "Mate"

Mate is the Argentinian most popular drink. It is like an herb tea, and everywhere people slow down and share mate. This is as much a social experience as it is a way to quench a thirst. Mate is shared from the same cup, using the same straw, person to person. Why? Sharing mate with a buddy or a stranger is all about friendship.

First a gourd is packed close to the brim with the dried leaves. Artfully placed in the green leaves and twigs is a silver straw known as a bombilla. The brewer adds near-to-boiling water and a few moments later, you take a slow, steady sip from the silver straw.

Once it’s empty, the brewer takes the gourd, and fills it back up to either drink himself or to share with someone else at the gathering.

One rule: Never say “thank you.” That is a huge insult. Saying “thank you” suggests you don’t want to drink more and don’t really want to extend the friendship.”And never stir the straw!” It’s an insult to the brewer, suggesting it was not prepared correctly.

Mate is meant to be shared with someone else. It means friendship and reunion.

The Wine

Argentina is very well identified in the world as a producer of stained grapes, with wines emphasized in color, body and structure. Argentine is well known by our Malbec, a cepaje adapted excellently to the semidesert climate and to the mineral soils of the province of Mendoza , bearing fruits emphasized with good structure color and tannins

The "Empanadas"

The pie consists of a covering of stuffed mass of varied ingredients, it is a cupcake species, it can be baked or fried, and its most common filling is minced meat, combined with onion, egg, olives and sometimes diced potato.

The Countryside

Distributed all over the province, Buenos Aires Province is the heart of Argentine Pampa, flat land, full of little towns that are part of the Argentine history. Little, picturesque, built at the sides of old railway stations, these towns share with visitors their undeniable rural spirit. When wandering about their neat little streets, protected by centenary trees, the time seems to have stopped.

The old pulperías (sort of country-pubs) serve vermouth with cheese and salami slices. At their museums generally located in the middle of beautiful natural parks. Near the lagoons, there are always horses or vagabond dogs… the Pampas air oxygenates the soul. Studying Spanish in Lincoln, in the middle of Argentine farmland , will be definitely an unforgettable experience.

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