The School

Address: Av. 25 de Mayo 447 - Lincoln - Buenos Aires - Argentina

Phone: ( 01154 ) 92355 44 12 08


Pampa Spanish is a privately-owned Spanish School located in Buenos Aires Province, 300 kms away from Buenos Aires City.

Classrooms are bright and confortable with ample space for students to interact with each other. All of them with central heating and air conditioning.

Here you will find modern and simple facilities, a cozy enviroment.

Pampa Spanish is large enough to provide a full time staff dedicated to the studentsĀ“needs but small enough to get to know all students on a first name basis.


We are a team! This is the one thing no other school can copy. The Director, the teachers, the tour guides, the homestay families, farm onwerns and its employees, everyone here contributes to make the students feel at home far away from home!