The Rural Activities


Buenos Aires Province landmark is its several agricultural ranches in full production. They aren`t touristic places where everything is prepared as a show for visitors. In Lincoln most people work in the country, in a cattle ranch or in a crop farm and as a student you will be able to meet all of them .


There are two main jobs on a farm, the farm owner or manager and the farm hand. The owner is responsible for overseeing the various aspects of running the farm, such as finances, quality control and breeding. The farm hand carries out more of the labour-intensive tasks including general farm maintenance. Other people, not directly employed in farming, also play a role in the running of a farm: agricultural consultants, milk truck drivers, quality testers, engineers and veterinarians.

Studying Spanish in Pampa Spanish you will have the opportunity of meeting all of them.

Hands-on Rural Tasks:

  • Plant, spray, fertilise and harvest crops
  • Handle, load and transport livestock
  • Take part in harvesting operations using tractors, harvesters, forklifts and hand tools
  • Feed livestock and poultry
  • Round up cows, secure them in bails in the milking shed
  • Help piggery workers who raise pigs for meat production or for sale
  • Prepare milking machinery and assist with milking operations
  • Perform other tasks involved with the breeding and raising of livestock, such as shearing, dipping, branding, crutching, gelding, marking and assisting with artificial insemination
  • Ride horses or motorbikes to muster cattle